‘The Bureau’ Pay-Per-Minute Contact Centre Services

The Bureau, from ICON Communication Centres s.r.o. (ICON), offers brands pay-per-minute access to world-class, multilingual contact centre services for improved cost efficiency and simplified scalability.

The solutions provided by The Bureau are underpinned by the same features that are synonymous with ICON’s award-winning BPO service – native-level multilingual agents, complete solution customisation, and 24/7/365 operation.

Brands can re-imagine the future of their customer service delivery model by harnessing the benefits of outsourcing to optimise crucial customer-centric activities. The Bureau’s simplified pricing structure and flexible options are ideal for a variety of inbound services including payments, account management, call overflow, concierge call-handling, complaints, reservations, confidential hotlines, product recalls, and more.

“Many brands were not ready to cope with the uncertainty that the COVID crisis brought to their customer operations; however, The Bureau helped brands implement outsourced processes for out-of-hours customer care, call overflow, disaster recovery, and critical business continuity functions.”
Helen Hickin – CEO – ICON Communication Centres s.r.o.

Pay-per-minute contact centre services provide a low-cost opportunity for brands to test the deployment or optimisation of crucial activities that support the delivery of customer care services to the business. The simplicity of The Bureau allows solutions to quickly pivot to accommodate any changes to products, operations, or business focus, giving brands more time to invest in freeing up capacity for more value-added work.

“The Bureau aligns with each brands’ values, caring for their customers and reputations just as an internal team would manage,” says Mark Matthews – COO – ICON Communication Centres

The Bureau leverages ICON’s in-house technology capabilities, Customer Success Department expertise, and its strategic partnerships with third-party technology providers, to help transform customer care activity.

As a technology-first company, brands get full access to all customer call data and a full suite of SLA and KPI measurements. The service is complemented by expert management and staffing from ICON’s high-calibre team, fully-trained in client-specific products and services.

The Bureau offers rapid deployment (within fourteen days) of a cost-compelling solution that ensures businesses are open for business 24/7/365. It provides real-time business continuity, optimising brand reputation and ensuring future transformation needs are flawlessly catered for.

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