The Best New Openings in Prague

Are you looking for some new places to eat? Here is a list of newly opened businesses.


​​If you have a weakness for the art of confectionery, head to the newly opened Prague branch of Aux Merveilleux de Fred for a tasting. Everything created here is under the guidance of the recipes of the French confectioner Frederique Vaucamps, who built a confectionery network with branches all over the world.

The goodies that have so far been enjoyed by guests in France, the USA, Canada and Japan are now also available to Czech guests. Be careful when you set out here – meringues, cakes, waffles, croissants and brioches in Aux Merveilleux de Fred are highly addictive.

Aux Merveilleux de Fred


  • The Winery
  • Address: Liborova 13, Prague 6

Bistro The Eatery, which has made it to the Michelin Guide thanks to its refined menu, has a freshly opened partner – a wine company called The Winery. 

The owner David Šindelář arranged cooperation with 29 winemakers from Bohemia and Moravia, Austria, Germany, France and Italy, and the result is this brand-new winery in Břevnov. Judging by the bar they set with The Eatery, it is recommended that you don’t delay too much when visiting the wine bar as it gets busy very quickly without a reservation. 

The Winery


A new establishment in Letná, you can enjoy a variety of mixed drinks, beer, and cheese. Their famous cheese balls are round and fried, and already became a hit in the city! They have a total of 15 types of cheese balls and 9 home dips. Cheddar, goat and blue cheese pieces are among the absolute favorites so far, be sure not to miss them from your order. 

Bistro & Bar Koule


If you want to experience the exceptional atmosphere of the Moravian cellar in the city center- this is the place to go. You can have a drink in this Žižkov wine shop with a unique “underground” atmosphere.

They will offer you wines to drink mainly from Czech suppliers, as well as having the option to graze on pickled camembert, olives, or nuts. Soon, they are planning to expand the offer with a cheeseboard.

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