The Best Cafes Where Students Can Study and Work in Prague

Prague is home to a huge number of students and freelancers who are always looking for a beautiful and comfortable place to get their work done. What are some of the factors that you should consider before studying or working in a café? First, is your peace of mind. You want a place that is quiet and comfortable so that you can focus on what you are doing.

Noisy environments will not only interrupt but also frustrate you. Another aspect is internet connectivity. You should always study in cafés with a strong and reliable internet connection because you’ll need to access your school network and other online platforms while studying. We’ve compiled a list of the best cafes where students can study and work in Prague.


As its name suggests, Cafedu is not only a café shop but also a study room. It is close to most universities in the city center. The proprietor wanted to create a beautiful place where people could meet with their colleagues and study together or inspire each other.

This café opens at 7:30 AM and closes at 10:00 PM. This means that you have the option of studying during the day or night. To use the study room, you have to pay 199 CZK per month or 450 CZK for a 3-month plan.


Housed in a modernist building designed by a famous Czech architect Karel Prager, CAMP hosts a 200 m2 exhibition hall with a unique, large projection screen, a library with a large selection of publications (such as Domus, Frame, Monocle, Real Review, The Architectural Review, Harvard Design Magazine and dozens of others), and an outdoor patio.

CAMP offers a café that serves specialty coffee by experienced baristas, as well as other hot and cold beverages and light snacks.


Misto, also known as “The Place” was designed to be the go-to place for everyone during any day. This spacious coffee shop is minimalistic with a Scandinavian style with lots of lights and seats. This enables students to have the best home office experience.

Specialty coffee is served along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can also enjoy a wide variety of meals offered throughout the day. Misto usually gets crowded during the weekends. But it’s normally quiet and study-friendly on weekdays.


If you don’t mind movements around you while studying, the café of the New Stage of the National Theatre is ideal for you.

You can read research papers by Edubirdie while absorbing the inspiring atmosphere from above or sit in a quiet corner.

Apart from the great coffee offered here, you should have their homemade lemonades. If you happen to stay late, you can always reward yourself with a glass of wine as you watch people leaving the evening performance. This café is usually open till midnight.

Light Roast Coffee

Light Roast Coffee hasn’t been discovered yet by the majority of locals because it lies in a newly built neighborhood away from the city center. This makes it an ideal place for anyone who requires a quiet and serene environment for work. During summer, you can enjoy the beautiful view from the summer terrace. And during winter, a cozy and light interior will welcome you. You can order soup and snacks all day long.

Friends Coffee House

Friends Coffee House is located in a historical baroque building close to Wenceslas Square. The coffee house is one of the best in Prague because it is divided into different sections which are all designed in a unique and exquisite style.

You can either sit in a large glass room or close to the fire. The café also rents conference rooms where you can work with your team or prepare group presentations. There are a lot of things you can eat from 9 am to 9 pm every single day.

Break and Cake

Break and Cake have two branches in Prague at the moment. One is located at Albertov and the other one near the University of Economics at Zizkov. Most students visit this café due to the serene environment, delicious desserts, and great coffee. You should visit one of these branches soon.


As a student or freelancer, working in the same environment every single day can become boring and stressful. It’s one of the main causes of procrastination. Your environment plays a critical role in your academic life.

One of the best ways to beat procrastination is by creating a study schedule and changing your study environment regularly. If you live in Prague, you have lots of great options on the table. All these cafes have everything you need to study for hours.

You can make your study sessions interesting by inviting your friends to study with you. Having a study group or a study partner is one of the best ways to boost your productivity and performance in the long run.


Robert Everett is a professional essay writer and proofreader for ResumeWriterReviews Service. He loves traveling and discovering new places that students can visit to unlock their potential. During his leisure time, he motivates and helps students or plays with his two toddlers.”
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