The 7 Coolest Secret Courtyards in Prague 

Secret Garden Prague

Míšeňská 67/10, 118 00 Malá Strana

For a romantic getaway within Prague head to the Lovers’ Bridge and walk next door to the Secret Garden Prague. The garden itself is very hidden off of Míšeňská Street, but it is quite literally like stepping into a fairytale with a babbling fountain and blooming flora and fauna. Feel like royalty enjoying afternoon tea and coffee cake or a burger or a full breakfast in the ivory corner. 


Za Poříčskou bránou 7, Karlín

Since June, Bar/ák has been a lively center for music, performances, art and pure fun. The courtyard area is a part of the movement to revive Forenc area. The abandoned-house-turned-hangout area is open to the public and transforms into a stage at night—check the schedule on Facebook to see who is performing. 

Petrohradská kolektiv 

Petrohradská 438/13, Vršovice

While Petrohradská kolektiv is a little out of the way from the city center, it is worth the venture to Prague 4. This area is truly one of a kind—and is even located in an abandoned chocolate factory. It’s a Mecca for artists with music, graffiti, painting, film showings, photography exhibits and performances. There are even multiple ping pong tables for a tournament with friends—after a few drinks.

Kino Aero

Biskupcova 1733/31, Žižkov

For film buffs, Kino Aero is the place to be. Located in Zizkov, Kino Aero screens selected pictures, independent films and art productions. It also hosts art exhibitions, flea markets, lectures and Argentinean tango dancing evenings. They even have a cycling theater where every seat is a peddle bicycle that powers the movie. With an electric blue neon sign and multi-colored string lights filling in the open-area “roof,” this is not your average cinema.  

Skautský institute

Staroměstské nám. 1/4, Staré Město

This multi-level courtyard located in the Old Town is ideal to bring friends and family to. Enjoy some coffee and raspberry cake while lounging on the outdoor chairs or sit on the floor of the gallery house. Skautský institute is a part of the Scout Movement in the Czech Republic that focuses on educating young people to build a world where everyone works on self-fulfillment, which then ends up making a more efficient society.


Vodičkova 708/35, Nové Město

The name says it all—style and interior. The international menu has something for everyone from Scandinavian dishes to Italian meals to lavishly decorated cakes. Located in Mustek, Styl&Interier is located in a garden full of wicker chairs, blooming flowers and greenery, which makes it the most magical place to enjoy a meal. The opulent architecture and elegant plating of dishes that are some of the best in Prague prove the name of the restaurant rings true. 

Kavárna Bacaro

Vinohradská 86/111, Vinohrady

As the Czech Republic wine festivals continue, Kavárna Bacaro is a go to. Known for its Moravian wine, sip on some of the finest in a strikingly beautiful courtyard with warm wood, live green bushes and cool grey umbrella seating. It’s a short walk from Jiřího z Podebrad Square. It offers a full breakfast with eggs, pancakes, cheese plates and breakfast sandwiches, just to name a few dishes. Lighter lunches, fancy cocktails and candlelight wine nights continue throughout the day. 

Author: Meredith Hessel  

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