The 7 Best Places for Squash in Prague

The summer is almost over, and chilly September mornings are reminding us that autumn is just around the corner. That’s the time to start looking for indoor activities. For a long period of time, I’m trying to find a fitness activity which 1. is going to be fun, 2. I can practice with my partner and 3. will see the results after.

As I don’t really enjoy a gym environment the first thing which came up on my mind was a squash. I think many people underestimate squash as a proper workout. If you think squash is a wellness sport welcome to the club. However, the opposite its truth. Squash is one of the most intense sports in the world. It’s an amazing cardio activity and while you are focusing on return each smash – you don’t have time to think you actually are working out. The best piece of advice is not to play squash because you want to burn your calories, but to play it because it is a fun activity.

But just to play squash is not really enough. It’s a very physically demanding sport that’s why we highly recommend including some cardio and weights. Otherwise, after the first season, you will not move for a week – like me.

Running and working out with your own weight are the best additional activities to include if you want to play squash on a regular basis. If you are not a runner another activity that could work is swimming or biking.

Let’s wrap it up. Why is squash a perfect autumn/winter activity?

  1. It’s fun and you can make it a perfect activity with your partner or friends
  2. It’s an amazing complete workout
  3. It brings benefits both for physical and mental health
  4. It’s a perfect stress reliever
  5. It’s easy to learn the basics and suitable for everyone
  6. It can be both individual and team sport

Where to play squash in Prague? Here are GoFit’s favourites

  • Squash Haštal (Haštalská 20, 110 00 Prague 1)
  • Squash & Fitness centrum Arbes (Kořenského 753/12, 150 00 Prague 5)
  • Squashcentrum Strahov  (Vaníčkova 2b, 160 17 Prague 6)
  • Squash Holešovice  (Jankovcova 13, 170 00 Prague 7)
  • Squash Park (Fabiánova 1134, 150 00 Prague 5)
  • Squash Arena  (Cholupická 431, 142 00 Prague 4)
  • Squash Ohradní (Ohradní 1440/2a, 140 00 Prague 4)
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