Tesla Is Expanding in the Czech Republic

Tesla is gradually expanding its presence in Europe and they are adding locations in the Czech Republic and Iceland.

The automaker is already covering most of Europe, but there are still many smaller European auto markets where Tesla is not directly selling and servicing its vehicles — mainly in Eastern Europe.

In the Czech Republic, there are already over 400 Tesla vehicles, most of them around Prague, according to the Ministry of Transport.

Those Tesla owners had to buy and service their cars in other neighboring countries. Now, Tesla is now launching a service center in Prague and it will also use the location to deliver vehicles sold directly to costumers in the Czech Republic.

Lidovky (LN) posted some pictures of the new Tesla service center. 

Tomáš Novotný, the service manager, told LN:

“We have technicians from other European service centers who carry out training and basic repairs and servicing,”

On its career website, Tesla is listing 3 service jobs currently available in Prague.

Along with the new expansion in the Czech Republic, Tesla is also expanding in Iceland. The market is in a similar situation as the Czech Republic whereas they already have many owners who bought Tesla vehicles by importing them in the country.

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