VIDEO: Man Dies After Czech Police Kneel on His Neck, They Say Drugs Caused his Death

Video footage from Teplice is being massively shared through social media of police intervention against a young Romani man who later died in the ambulance called to the scene.

Romani community members are comparing his death to the death of George Floyd, the Black man who was murdered by police in the USA last year.

One of the intervening police officers kneeled for several minutes on the man’s neck. The young man later died in the ambulance called to the scene by police.

Police say their intervention was not the cause of death, but that the drugs the Romani man is said to have used were the cause of death. Michal Miko, director of the Romanonet organization, has posted online that what the video shows is “The height of brutality.”

Michal Mižigár, a Romani student of history and Romani Studies who won the Aspen Central Europe Leadership Award in 2019 from the Aspen Institute Central Europe, commented that the footage shows “The Romani Floyd today in Teplice!”

The footage circulating on social media shows three officers intervening against a young man who keeps trying to get out from under them. One officer holds the man’s feet, another then kneels on his neck for several minutes.

A third officer helps handcuff the man, who is shouting. Several people who are bystanders can be heard in the footage commenting on the intervention.

“They’re smothering him,” a woman’s voice can be heard to say. “That’s their job,” a man’s voice says, defending the police intervention.

“Stay down, don’t get up,” another man advises. According to the spokesperson for the emergency rescue services in the Ústecký Region, Prokop Voleník, a scuffle had been reported between two drug-addicted people who were under the influence of narcotics at the time.

“When the police patrol arrived at the scene, one of the men fled while the other was subdued by the officers and handcuffed,” police spokersperson Veronika Hyšplerová told the tabloid news server Officers called an ambulance because the arrested man was under the influence of drugs.

“He then died in that state,” the police spokesperson said, rejecting the notion that the intervention by police caused the man’s death. According to former British police officer Petr Torák, MBE, a Romani émigré from the Czech Republic, while it is too early to draw conclusions, the situation does remind him of the death of George Floyd as well.

“From the video footage it is apparent that yet another person has died as a consequence of a police intervention. Is this the Czech version of Floyd’s case? I will be carefully following the investigation and hoping that if the officers are found to be at fault, the Czech legal system and all of society will condemn this police brutality and hold the officers accountable,” Torák said.

Police statement

On Saturday, just before 15:00, police responded to a call about an incident in Dubská Street where two men were said to be assaulting each other, damaging somebody else’s car in the process. After the patrol arrived on the scene, officers found a man lying on the ground shirtless with obvious injuries on U Hřiště Street.

When the officers approached the man, he began behaving aggressively, attacking them – he bit one of the colleagues and scratched others. Officers had to use force to restrain him and called an ambulance.

The man was transferred into the care of emergency medical responders and subsequently collapsed in the ambulance. Attempts to resuscitate him did not succeed.

A doctor recorded the preliminary cause of death as a drug overdose and a court autopsy has been ordered to clarify the exact cause of death. Other circumstances of the case are now being investigated by detectives and staff with the Internal Affairs Department.

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