Ten Things You Should Never Do in Prague

It goes without saying, Prague is one of the most frequented cities in Central Europe. This Czech capital has several beautiful things for you to discover. We, too, have been to Prague quite a few times, in both summers and winters. Now, the thing is if you browse the internet, you can find tons of thousands of articles, which will tell you about the things to do in Prague. But, what about the things that you should never do in the Czech capital? With some help from our team members, we have compiled a list of some of the things you should completely omit from your to-do Prague list. Let us take a look at these ten things one by one. 


Tip 1 – Do not overlook the city

Many-a-time, we have seen that when people plan their Europe vacation, they focus primarily on destinations, such as Italy, Spain, Paris, and London. In this tour, they usually omit Prague. However, that is one of the worst decisions to make. Prague is one of the most beautiful and favorite cities in the European continent, points out Raina, who offers IELTS online courses, and recently took a vacation to Europe. From the Charles Bridge to the town square, the city is full of historic architecture and incredible castle views.


Tip 2 – Do not be deterred by the other tourists

Prague sees enough and more tourists all-round the year. However, do not let the crowd and the tourists deter you from doing your thing. Just like you, they, too, are there for a reason, and that is primarily because Prague is such a fantastic location. Usually, a lot of tourists tend to travel only to some streets and areas. Thus, it is pretty easy for you to escape this crowd and instead tour some city’s unconventional locations. 


Tip 3 – Do not expect it to be dirt cheap 

 A lot of people are aware of the fact that Prague is one of the most affordable cities in Europe. However, it does not mean that it is a dirt-cheap city. On our trip to Europe, we realized that even though it is easier for you to get good deals in Prague, it is not Europe’s cheapest destination, says Janet, who works with EduWorldUSA


Tip 4 – Do not avoid the local culture

Prague’s cultural scene is worth watching out for – from the concerts to the theaters, operas, and puppet shows, the city has a lot on display. Thus, while you are in the city, you should make the most of what is offered. If you have never seen an opera in your life, you should be on your must-do lists on your trip to Prague. Known for its cool sites and good beer, Prague has a rich culture. So, do explore the cultural aspect of Prague. It will help you understand and appreciate the city more. 


Tip 5 – Do not be one of those drunk tourists

Nathaniel, who works with FineGradesand recently went on an all-boys trip to Prague, says that city is the perfect weekend destination on your visit to Europe. Please know that in the city, you will encounter a lot of drunk tourists. They can be rowdy and usually move around in large groups. So, we strictly recommend you to keep away from such people.


Tip 6 – Do not expect a supremely good service 

The services that you get in Prague are improving every day. Though they do not have the most efficient service as you may get in Germany or the friendliest service you get in the US, it is getting better. Having said that, Prague has a few of the most fantastic restaurants, and since tipping is now becoming widespread, the service is only getting better every day. Service is one area in Prague, which is hit and miss.  


Tip 7 – Do not forget to tip

Generally speaking, tourists are expected to tip approximately ten percent on every service. The tipping could be more if you loved the service and less if you found the service to be mediocre. When paying by credit card, you have to intimate them about the tip you are interested in paying before you swipe the card, suggests Davis, who works with EssayWriter4UHowever, if you are making a cash payment, you should offer the tip directly to the server and not leave it on the table. 


Tip 8 – Do not forget your basic travel safety

In addition to increased tourism, Prague also has a fair share of pickpockets and tourist scams. Thus, it is vital to be extra cautious while you are in a large crowd or popular tourist spots, such as the astronomical clock. There is a massive risk of being targeted by pickpockets while distracted by the large tourist gatherings. Hence, it is important to keep an eye on your phone, wallet, and valuables in a public place.   


Tip 9 – Do not eat anything about the local Czech food

It goes without saying, the food in Prague is lip-smacking. From bear to meat and potatoes to desserts, you will love everything. Do not forget to try the dumplings and the pork and beef dishes. Our humble request is to omit the Italian or Chinese food and stick to the Czech food here.  


Tip 10 – Do not call Prague Eastern Europe 

Prague is Central Europe and not Eastern Europe. Don’t you ever call it that, because no, it is not!


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