Temperature Records Broken Around the Czech Republic

Temperature records were broken in many parts of the Czech Republic on Thursday.

Thirty of the 150 weather stations in the country keeping records for at least 30 years had not seen such a warm April 16.

The highest temperature was recorded in Pilsen, where the thermometer reached 24.6° C. The information was released by Czech meteorologists.

The maximum temperature exceeded 24° C in Dobřichovice (Central Bohemian Region), in Pilsen-Mikul, in Usti nad Labem-Vanova, in Prague Komořany, and Kopisty.

It is expected that temperatures above 20° C will continue in the next two days, while a slight cooling is expected from Sunday.

Last summer was the hottest in 58 years, with average temperatures of 19.5 degrees Celsius, some 2.5 degrees above the norm for June through August.

The month of June, in particular, was hotter than usual, by some 5 degrees Celsius.

In Prague, June 30, 2019, was recorded as the date of the absolutely highest temperature since measurements started in 1775, with 37.9C.



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