Taxify Banned in Prague

Uber rival Taxify has ordered its drivers to halt all Prague rides until the app meets the conditions required from a regular taxi service. 

Taxify, which offered a cheap alternative to Uber with promises of better pay and conditions for drivers, confirmed it had “temporarily stopped” operations in order to clarify its position with the transport authority.

The Estonian company, which has spread across Europe since it was founded in 2013, said it already had a fleet of several hundred drivers in Prague and it charges an average 15 per cent commission for drivers, according to its website. “Our pricing system is the same as our competitors,” one help note for drivers says.

Taxify may still appeal the verdict. 

Taxify considers itself as more a tech startup than a taxi company and aims to attract customers who got fond of Uber. Taxify sets rules of behaviour for their drivers, with strict protocols for how to greet passengers. Customer feedback plays an immensely important role in the life of the company, and about half of the passengers often take the opportunity to rate their drivers. 

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