May 19-21: Tattoo Convention Returns to Prague

The 23rd International Tattoo Convention Prague will take place from May 19 to May 21, 2023, at the Prague Exhibition Centre in the Small Sports Hall.

This is the first and only official international tattoo convention in the Czech Republic, and there are not many tattoo shows in Europe that can boast such a long history as our Prague convention.

It is an event where tattoo enthusiasts, both tattooed and non-tattooed, come together and enjoy the buzz of tattoo machines for three days.

More than 170 tattoo artists from all over the world, along with Miss Tattoo, bondage shows, freak shows, DJs, and a food zone.

The program of the convention includes many interesting performances on the stage, but most importantly, there is the TATTOO CONTEST, in which individual tattooists from each studio compete for trophies in each tattoo category.

The tattoo competition categories this year are the small, black and white, the most crazy, old school and new school, the large, the color, the New Black, the realistic, the best of day, and the best of show.


Apart from the TATTOO CONTEST, there will also be the second most watched part of the program, namely MISS TATTOO 2023, open to ladies over 18 years of age who have tattoos.

Tickets for the convention are already available for purchase. The one-day ticket costs 350 CZK during pre-sale and 400 CZK at the door.

The three-day ticket costs 650 CZK during pre-sale and 800 CZK on-site. Due to the nature of the event and hygiene standards, dogs and other animals are not allowed.

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