Prague Has Officially Banned the Use of Tarpaulin Advertisements

ban Tarpaulin Advertisements

Prague City has tightened its rules for outdoor advertising as of 1st October which will restrict it not only in the immediate center of the city but in all other protected areas.

Parts of Vinohrady, Smíchov, Letná and Dejvice will now also have stricter rules which means putting up posters or even handing out leaflets outside certain places there could now be against the rules.

“I am glad that we are gradually cultivating advertising in Prague,” praised the Deputy Mayor of Prague and Councillor for Transport, Adam Scheinherr.

“It is not possible for a giant tarpaulin to hang across the entire façade of the historic house opposite the Trade Fair Palace.”

The regulation of advertising in the city has existed since 2006, but before it only concerned the most strictly protected places.

“This is another important step in regulating advertising smog in the city and setting clear rules,” said Petr Hlaváček, responsible for regional development and planning. 

“We have set an excessively long time before the regulation enters into force, so that operators can prepare for the new rules in time.”

Advertising is most strictly approached on the territory of the Prague Monument Reserve, in the very centre.

The second zone will include monument zones, where a looser variant will apply, prohibiting the spread of advertising sails and banners, advertisements additionally placed on vehicles, but also the distribution of leaflets and pasting posters outside approved places.

In the third zone, on the territory of the protection zone of the Prague Monument Reserve, only advertising tarpaulins and banners and advertisements on means of transport will be prohibited.

“In our country, we are used to running the Wild West in business, regardless of the public interest,” said Hana Třeštíková, Councilor for Culture.

“But this is not how it works in developed countries- for example, to make cities look pleasant, and not like an amusement park, is strictly regulated in Europe.”

He added: “Our goal is not to ban advertising in Prague- it just should have a certain level.”

However, not all the deputies agree with the changes, for example, Patrik Nacher wrote that it is too much regulation and that he does not like that the bans have spread so far beyond the city centre. 

“The right fight against visual smog in the historic center, in the direction of the city management, has turned upside down again to regulate everything and everywhere,” said the deputy.


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