Ole! Looking for Authentic Spanish Tapas in Prague?

Tapas, or small plates, are a Spanish delicacy best enjoyed with a group of people. They are a great way to try lots of new foods in a low-stakes environment–getting out of your comfort zone really pays off.

If you’re looking for a taste of the Iberian peninsula in Prague, here are five places worth checking out.

Casa de Andalucía, Šaldova 9, Prague 8

In Karlín, there is a shop and a bistro with food imported directly from Andalusian family farmers. It was founded by Dana and Christian, who fell in love with the cuisine while on a trip to Andalusia. After returning to Prague, they missed fine Iberian ham, chorizo with olives, aged sheep’s cheese, and the traditional sherry so much that they decided to open an authentic tapas bistro.

Oliveira, Čermákova 1231, Prague 10

After wandering through Grébovka in Prague 10, you can end up at the nearby bistro and shop Oliveira. It is focused exclusively on Portuguese cuisine, wines and ingredients. For example, order portobello with sheep’s cheese and pear in port wine or go for a tasting of Portuguese wines.

Špejle, Jindřišská 16, Prague 1

A less traditional version of tapas is offered by the Špejle bistro, where you enjoy your meal mainly on a stick. They don’t have a food menu, the offer is divided into three sections: cold, hot and sweet. All you have to do is choose from a bar full of tapas, fresh sandwiches (for example, a pork dumpling and a zelo sandwich) and canapés. You collect the skewers in a rack and one costs 33 crowns.


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Gilda, náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad 11, Prague 3

While Gilda belongs to the Kogo group, instead of Italian or Croatian cuisine, it offers truly authentic Spanish tapas. They serve the Basque specialty of pintxos. These are different combinations of canapés served on a white baguette pierced with a skewer.
According to the owners, the most popular ingredients include padrón peppers with Iberian ham Jamón ibérico. In addition to a wide selection of pintxos, tapas and Spanish wines, you can also look forward to southern music every Wednesday evening.


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El Camino, Jagelonská 10, Prague 3

The most luxurious tapas in town under the helm of David Böhm. The restaurateur works his magic with the best ingredients, impeccable service and a seasonal menu that he changes regularly. Now, for example, enjoy carrot gazpacho, red shrimp with vizcaina salsa, tapioca and chipotle pepper or traditional pepper tartare.


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