Talk About a Rubbish Day! Man in Prague Gets Trapped in a Bin After ‘Looking Inside to Find Something’

On Sunday morning, Prague police officers were called to Španielova Street in Prague 6, where a man was stuck in an electrical waste container.

He got stuck in a box looking for what he could probably steal and then sell.

When he found out that he could not return to the ground, he started calling for help and only firefighters who had to cut the container with a chainsaw managed to free him, said police spokeswoman Violeta Siřišťová.

“Prague police officers drove on Sunday, shortly before six o’clock in the morning, to Španielova Street in Prague 6, where, according to the announcement on line 158, a call for help was to be heard from the car park. Surprisingly, police found a man in a half-waist wedged in an electrical waste container,” added Siřišťová.

The summoned patrol tried to pull the man out, but without success. The police, therefore, had to invite firefighters, who rescued the robber, who was looking for things to be stolen, using a power saw. 

Due to the fact that the man was stuck in the container for several hours and the temperatures outside dropped below zero, rescuers were also called to the scene.

“However, the man refused their care, so he was immediately transferred to the police station by the police. There, he was reported to the relevant administrative authority for committing a property offense,” Siřišťová added, adding that the jam in the container often ends in tragedy and the man was very lucky to have managed to save him.


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