Taiwan to Give 1.5 Million Dollars to Aid Ukrainian Refugees in the Czech Republic

Taiwan will donate 11.5 million dollars to the governments of five European Union states to help Ukrainians who have fled the war in their country, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said Tuesday.

Of the total, 6.5 million dollars will be sent soon to the government of Poland, 500,000 dollars to Lithuania, and $1.5 million dollars each to Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Wu said at a donation ceremony at his ministry.

The five governments will then distribute the funds to non-governmental organizations in their respective countries that are assisting Ukraine refugees, he said.

The 11.5 million dollars in aid was announced one week after Taiwan’s foreign ministry pledged a donation of US$3.53 million to the Governmental Strategic Reserves Agency in Warsaw, which is providing aid to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

All the money Taiwan has pledged for Ukrainian refugees, so far, has been drawn from a government-designated fund, which has raised more than 21 million dollars in public donations and will remain open until April 1.

Tuesday’s ceremony was attended by several members of the diplomatic corps in Taiwan, including the EU representative Filip Grzegorzewski, Cyryl Kozaczewski of Poland, Martin Podstavek of Slovakia, and Patrick Rumlar of the Czech Republic.

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