Swimming Season Begins in Prague: Which Natural Pools Are Safe?

As the swimming season kicks off in Prague, residents and visitors can rest assured that the outdoor swimming pools in the city are suitable for swimming, as they undergo regular monitoring by hygienists.

The Prague City Hygienic Station recently released the first results of this year’s water quality measurements, shedding light on the safety of various natural swimming pools.

Among the monitored swimming pools, namely Motol, Šeberák, Hostivař, and Džbán, as well as the concrete reservoir Divoká Šárka and two Prague biotopes – Lhotka and Radotín – hygienists have discovered reduced transparency in the waters of Šeberák, Džbán, and Hostivař.

The water quality assessments are conducted by taking water samples once every two weeks, except for the Divoká Šárka concrete reservoir, which is sampled once a month.

While the first measurement results from May 15th are already available, the sampling for Radotín and Lhotka biotopes will take place at a later date.

To evaluate the water quality, experts examine various indicators, including sensory observations of waste and natural pollution, as well as conducting microbiological, biological, and chemical laboratory analyses.

A five-point scale is used, with a rating of one indicating water suitable for bathing, while a rating of five signifies a bathing ban.

Based on the initial measurements, the Motol pond and the Divoká Šárka reservoir in Prague are currently rated at level one, indicating good water quality. However, Šeberák, Džbán, and Hostivař have received a rating of two due to reduced transparency.

Despite this slight deterioration, the water remains safe and poses no health risks. As a precautionary measure, it is advisable for swimmers to shower after swimming, if possible.

For detailed information regarding the quality of monitored bathing waters, the Prague hygiene station’s website provides the necessary updates and insights.

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