SWCSummit 2021: Last Call for Startups to Apply to the European Startup Championship!

swc summit 2021

The European finale will traditionally be held in Prague at the SWCSummit on October 5 and 6.

Startups from the V4 region will compete first, and then the event culminates in the pan-European final. The winning startup will achieve the title “Champion of Europe”. It will compete in California’s Silicon Valley Global Finale and get the potential investment of $ 500,000 from the organizing companies Air Ventures and UP21.

The application form is free of charge & available at www.swcsummit.com.

Due to the international environment, everything from registration to presentation before the jury takes place in English.

“Year after year, we perceive a considerable shift in the Czech startup environment. Last year’s V4 Regional Round was dominated by the Slovak project Glycanostics and the Czech startup 24 Vision Systems, to which the jury awarded a wild card. The second made it to the bronze medal in the European final, “says Tomáš Cironis, director of SWCSummit.

Break into the “Champions League”

The winners of all the previous regional rounds are joined by the winners of several other startup competitions, such as the Czech Startup Challenge, Creative Business Cup or PowerMOTION.  

“By covering other events, we have moved the prestige of the whole summit to an even higher level than before. SWCSummit thus becomes something of a ‘Champions League in the startup competitions field. Reaching the finale means a real success that can teleport individual projects to a whole new level,” explains Tomas Cironis.

This year’s star is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, whose performance will be broadcast live online from California on Wednesday, October 6, around 6 p.m. – at the time when the jury will consult on the European winner.

Another important figure in the business world will be Kyle Corbitt, Director of Y Combinator – one of the largest startup incubators in the world. He also created a platform to help combine ideal startup co-founders. 

Apply for a project and face the challenge

According to Václav Pavlečka from the investment fund Air Ventures, it is crucial to use the opportunity and enter the competition, even if it is just for the practice: “Admission the questionnaire is relatively comprehensive and requires preparation. Just going through this process is an enriching experience. I further recommend training your presenting skills in front of the audience – even in front of your own grandmother.”

Last year in the regional round of the V4 jury assessed 18 projects out of more than 500 submitted.

Establish key contacts

In addition to the competition itself, the fundamental added value of the whole event is also establishing new contacts. The SWCSummit annually attracts investors, mentors and representatives that are otherwise hardly reachable for individual startups. 

On SWCSummit, they can meet directly, arrange a “1-on-1” session or participate in their workshops and panel discussions.

This part of the program is open to competing startups and everyone who will buy a ticket. The price for startup representatives starts at 51 euros, and all appointments are then arrangeable through a mobile application.

An offline and online program

This year’s SWCSummit will take place in the unique setting of the Asylum 78 tent in Prague Stromovka. However, this year’s summit will be “hybrid” because of the persistent pandemic and limited capacity. This is also why some foreign speakers will not be present physically but perform live online.

Audiences who may not participate in person can do so online and watch the online stream at www.swcsummit.com. 

For an extra 21 euros, it is also possible to buy an online ticket that will make available even those parts of the program that will not be possible to attend for free. For example, it entitles the owner to participate in online workshops and mentoring tables.


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