Survey: Czechs are the Most Opposed to Migrants in EU

According to the results of a new Eurobarometer survey, Czechs are the most opposed to migration in Europe.

48 per cent of European citizens described themselves as either fairly or very negative to immigration from outside the EU, with just 44 percent in favor.

In the Czech Republic, 86 percent of respondents are against non-EU migrants, meanwhile, only 14 percent support this type of migration. The Czech Republic is followed by Estonia (74 percent) and Latvia (74 percent).

Of the national groups living in the Czech Republic, people like Czechs, Slovaks and Poles the most, while Arabs are the most disliked.

Other countries strongly opposed to non-EU immigration were Hungary at 70 percent, Greece, Slovakia (both at 68 percent), Italy, Finland (both at 56 percent,) France at 53 percent, Denmark, and the Netherlands (52 percent).

The EU is the most divided region in the world when people were asked whether their communities are good places to welcome and integrate migrants. Overall, out of 143 countries polled, Canada was the country with the highest percentage of people (90%) considering their communities to be good places in this respect, while Hungary had the lowest percentage (17%).

Since 2010, attitudes have become more open to migrants in a number of countries, where labor shortages and an aging population are forcing the government to open the country’s doors to new and return migrants’.

However, results in some countries such as Greece and those that were part of the Soviet bloc point to a decreasing sense of openness toward immigrants.


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