Survey: 46 Percent of Czechs Went Out While Experiencing COVID Symptoms

covid czech survey

Almost half of Czechs do not stay at home with the symptoms of COVID-19.

According to scientists, this may be one of the reasons for the massive spread of coronavirus in the Czech Republic. The study was conducted by the World Health Organization and the German University of Erfurt.

The surveys were conducted among one thousand respondents last August, November, and January this year.

“Almost half of the people, 46 percent, did not stay at home and are still going out with COVID symptoms. These are more often people who think they are prone to infection but expect a mild course. In Czech society, there is a large proportion of those who prefer personal freedom over others, which proves to be very disadvantageous during a pandemic,” said Helena Hnilicová from the Faculty of Medicine at the Charles University.

According to the study, the 3R rule (ruce, roušky, rozestupy – hands, masks, distancing) is most respected in the Czech Republic, especially by seniors, women, and people whose economic situation has worsened due to the coronavirus epidemic.

On the contrary, Czechs are the least disciplined to the recommendation not to visit their relatives. According to the survey, 41 percent of people still go on family visits.

However, more than half of the respondents said that if they had the opportunity, they would be tested. According to Alena Šteflová from the Czech Medical Society Jan Purkyně, “they consider it as a civic duty and believe that it will help stop the spread of COVID-19,” she says.

The study also looked at people’s approach to vaccination. In January, more than half of the respondents agreed with him, but the number fluctuated during the year.

The survey shows that more than 50 percent of Czechs say that they will take a vaccine.

The greatest factor affecting willingness to take a coronavirus vaccine is how it protects the person being vaccinated and others against the disease.

Factors such as how good the protection given by the vaccine against coronavirus, the possible harmful effects of the virus, the infection situation in the country, and the recommendations given by health care professionals and health officials affect people’s willingness to be vaccinated.

The research shows that up to 45 percent of Czechs consider the coronavirus epidemic just a media hype, influenced by secret organizations.

“A large percentage of people believe that political decisions are influenced by secret organizations and that politicians often do not tell the truth,” explains Zdeněk Kučera from the Institute for Health Literacy.

According to the survey, 76 percent of people do not trust the government and 66 percent do not believe in the Ministry of Health. By contrast, more than 80 percent of people trust paramedics.

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