Support Czech Culture by Buying ‘Nothing’ Tickets

A nationwide project to support theatres, concert halls, clubs and artists has been launched.

‘NIC’ tickets have been on sale since the 1st of April. ‘Nic’ means ‘nothing’ in Czech and that is the aim of this project – as cultural events cannot take place, cultural institutions and artists need your support.

According to Hana Třeštíková, Prague City Councillor for Culture, Czech people are inventive, so instead of simply asking for donations, they came up with a plan to sell tickets for ‘non-existing’ cultural events, which will (not) take place on the 1st of May.

If we do not support our artists, our favorite theatres and clubs may cease to exist.

“Ticket sales work as usual. You can choose what non-existent performance, concert or other events you want to see in a theatre or other cultural institution on the GoOut ticket portal. In the reservation system, you can then purchase a ticket of your choice. Tickets for an exclusive front-row seat go for CZK 5,000, tickets for a gallery seat for CZK 20. The better the seat, the more the ‘non-visitors’ help their preferred artists,” Třeštíková said.

The cultural institutions receive the money for the non-tickets sold at the end of the event. The events are mainly for private cultural institutions that earn most of their income from entrance fees.

‘Nothing’ will take place on the 1st of May 2020. In the Czech Republic, this day is a celebration of love. “It’s a holiday for love, so on this day we symbolically show that we love the culture,” Hana Třeštíková adds and concludes:

“Do you want to know if ‘NIC’ will really be nothing or SOMETHING? You will have to wait to find out. You can purchase tickets up until noon on the 1st of May.”

“Once the world is back to normal, we will be sure that our favourite theatres, clubs, venues, galleries, cultural hotspots, concert halls and other islands of cultural freedom will be able to continue to do what they can do best: broaden our horizons, bring us joy and most of all, provide us with unforgettable experiences,” added Třeštíková.


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