Summer Theater to Reopen Under Žižkov TV Tower

summer theatre zizkov prague

A summer cinema will open under the Žižkov Television Tower for the third year in a row. The project called “Star Summer” starts on June 30 and runs until September 17.

The Kalich Theatre invited acting stars from many Prague theatres, so you can enjoy the best of their staging under the stars.

Thanks to a motorized retractable roof you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions and enjoy an undisturbed sociable evening.

Kalich Theatre is one of the most active theatres in Prague. Its repertoire includes productions of contemporary drama, dance performances, concerts, and mainly musicals that made the theatre famous among Praguers.

In the past, there have been played successful musicals such as Hamlet or the Pied Piper.

Days and times might be different depending on each performance so please follow the program here.

Ticket sales have already started from CZK 500.


zizkov tower summer cinema

zizkov tower summer cinema

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