Summer Cinemas in Prague Are Starting Their Season

summer cinemas prague

Even though we can spend the summer in cinema halls, an outside alternative with a unique atmosphere certainly won’t offend. Which places in Prague are worthy of a visit?

Kasárna Karlín

This year, you can expect a truly packed program in the courtyards of former barracks. June will begin with a choice of short films from the competition section in Pragueshorts. The first Saturday of the month will then belong to the Polish film Corpus Christi; later, viewers will have the chance to see the sci-fi 12 topic, the film Karel, me and you (Kartel, já a ty), and the big premiere of Welcome to Czech Republic (Vítejte v Česku), which will be shown the 17th of June.

Welcome to the Czech Republic is a collection of three short films that explore the Czech identity from a variety of different viewpoints. Next in line is Tarantino, Another Round (Chlast), and other blockbusters. Tickets will be available for CZK 80.

Letní kino Lihovar

MeetFactory continues with the trend of films in the fresh air, and that in cooperation with ČRo Vltava. This time, MeetFactory has moved to a former distillery. Every Wednesday from 9:30, it will show one chosen film for free. It will also offer a fully-stocked bar.

The first showing will occur on the 2nd of June, with the documentary King Skate starting off the marathon. You can also expect showings of The Other Side of Hope (Druhá strana naděje), And Then We Danced (Dokud se tančí), Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Tenkrát v Hollywoodu) and a whole host of other films.

Letní kino Lihovar
Cross Club

The summer cinema in Holešovice is also screening movies yet again this year, and that every Wednesday for CZK 100. The opening movie was with Charlatan (Šarlatán) on June 2nd. This will be followed by Loners (Samotáři) and the Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction, or the less well known, but equally incredible Four Rooms (Čtyři Pokoje).

Letní kino v Klubovně

The Klubovna in Dejvice, founded by the Povaleč association, begins its sixth season on the 2nd of June as well, with the musical fantasy Beats, remembering the rise of musical rave parties in Great Britain. For CZK 50, you can also enjoy classics such as Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Monty Python a Svatý Grál), Another Round (Chlast), or Trainspotting on Sundays.

Letní kino v Klubovně
Letní kino v Klubovně
Letní kino u Keplera

Screening at u Keplera in Prague 6 starts on the 10th of June. Everything begins with Kouř, a film that the cinema placed into the Czech cult-classics section. Another film in this section is also Ikarie XB1, as well as Oscar-winning Another Round (Chlast), movies by the Spanish director Almodóvara Pain and Glory (Bolest a sláva) and I’m So Excited! (Rozkoš v oblacích) or the musical Rocketman. Screening begins after 9 pm, with tickets available for CZK 100.

Letní kino Pragovka

The program on the courtyard of this industrial area begins on the 17th of June.

Among the titles included in the 12 projects that will run every Thursday is the satirical musical Kouř, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: a Space Odyssey (2001: Vesmírná odysea), the new LGBT film from Berlin Cocoon (Léto v Kreuzbergu), a musical romance from the late Soviet era Summer (Léto), the documentary Searching for Sugar Man (Pátrání po Sugar Manovi). Movies will also be played at the request of audience members.

Letní kino Pragovka
Letní kino Pragovka
Letní kino Kinská

You can also expect to enjoy a movie-packed summer in the Kinská gardens. It will begin on the 4th of June with short films by Pragueshorts Film Festival. Children won’t be overlooked, either; they will have an animated story, The Prince’s Voyage (Princova Cesta), prepared for them on the first Saturday of June.

You’ll be able to watch Třeštíková’s new film, Anny, on the 10th of June, depicting sixteen years in the life of a sympathetic woman that makes her living as a prostitute. The program for the 18th of June then contains the film White on White (Bílé na bílé), as well as a discussion with the director, Viera Čakanyová, after the end of the screening. Entry is CZK 90.

Letní kino Kamínka

Even summer in Zbraslav won’t be lacking in cinematic experience. For CZK 100, you can expect a June program with Charlatan (Šarlatán) by Agnieszky Holland, Loners (Samotáři), Pulp Fiction (Pul Fiction: Historky z podsvětí) and Droneman (Modelář) with Kryštof Hádek and Jiří Mádl.

Kino Spirála

The summer cinema Spirála is also making a comeback. It is still unknown what films we can eagerly wait for, as the organizers will make the program public later. The screening will begin on the 24th of June and end on the 19th of September with its own weekend film festival. Free entry.

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