Study: In Prague, the Most Expensive Apartments are in Josefov, the Cheapest in Satalice

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The average price per square meter of residential real estate in Prague is 120,645 crowns. This follows a study by the Swiss company PriceHubble, which is available to ČTK.

The analysis of real estate prices was based on hundreds of factors, including historical ones. It took into account not only the quality of a typical apartment, but also the condition of the infrastructure, transport accessibility, and civic amenities.

Evaluation tools also included noise, air quality, and greenery.

The most expensive locality has become Josefov, where the average price is more than 204,000 crowns per square meter. “It is the only location where the price exceeds 200,000,” the study said.

Josefov is followed by Staré Město, Nové Město, Malá Strana and Vinohrady, localities in which the price per square meter is not less than CZK 150,000.

The localities of Hradčany, Vyšehrad, Bubeneč, Karlín, Dejvice, and Holešovice, which offer a price per square meter between 140 and 149 thousand crowns are also among the more expensive neighborhoods.

In Smíchov, Žižkov or Vršovice, the average price can be expected to be between 130 and 139 thousand crowns per square meter.

According to the analysis, prices in the range of 120 to 129 thousand crowns per square meter are in Košíře, Troja, Braník or Velká Chuckle.

The most common average price in the metropolis is from 110 to 119 thousand crowns, which includes about half of Prague’s
localities, including Hloubětín, Suchdol and Ďáblice.

The lower range with an average price of 105 to 110 thousand per square meter mainly includes localities on the outskirts of the city such as Dolní Počernice, Libuš or Zbraslav. On average, the cheapest housing can be found in Satalice for 100,845 crowns per square meter.

This is followed by Černý Most, Petrovice, and Komořany, where the average price reaches almost 105,000 crowns per square meter.

This is important data for someone looking to buy property. It also highlights why rents in certain neighborhoods are going up so fast–ideally, this will encourage someone to intervene.

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