Krymská Street Has a New (Really Cool!) Bar and Events Space

Studio Krymská

Papundekl Architects has turned a former car workshop in Prague into a bar and events space with a brutalist slant.

Situated just south of Prague‘s scenic downtown district, Vršovice has transformed from blue-collar neighbourhood into a notable hipster area in recent years, and it’s a trend that has yet to see the end.

Adding to the many bars and clubs that line the streets here is the newly opened with its street side bar.

Designated as a community hub, and an aptly cool one at that, the venue occupies 133 sqm. ground floor space of an early 20th-century residential building and features an interior design by local architecture practice Papundekl.

The venue, formerly a car repair shop, sees three distinct areas—an elongated bar, an elevated lounge and event space, and a private club space at the back.

At the core, an open space for screening, restrooms, and the back end of the aforementioned bar can be found, all in an understated industrial style. Also, the façade has been slightly modified and now sees a doorway which has been slightly extended to match the window’s upper level and provide a greatly improved balance visually.

As serves as a multifunctional space where various cultural events are held, great effort has gone into tweaking the acoustics of the various spaces, applying dropped ceilings made of foam pyramids that allow the required technology to be concealed, but, combined with the omnipresent cement plaster, also optically unify the separate spaces along the way.

Various furnishing crafted from steel further amplify the venue’s industrial vibe.

Krymská 294, 101 00 Praha 10-Vršovice

Studio Krymská
Photo: Alex Shoots Buildings
Studio Krymská
Photo: Alex Shoots Buildings
Photo: Alex Shoots Buildings



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