Studio Kontra Unveils Its Proposal for a New Logo of Prague City

The current logo of the City of Prague, ie a red box with four language versions of the word “Praha”, is already twenty years old and authorities are slowly beginning to talk about a new modern variant.

The KONTRA Studio came up with the first unofficial design. “We wanted to show what we can do and give Prague a kind of gift after the pandemic. We think that it is time for the city to emerge in a nicer way, with a new visual identity,” says the founder of the Kontra studio, Adam Ondráček.

“The current logo is just a square with text. We are working to create a logo with a heart to symbolize Prague as the heart of Europe, and also with the coat of arms, which refers to the royal city,” says Markéta Steiner, graphic designer from KONTRA.

The current logo was created twenty years ago by designer Aleš Najbrt. His work is often described as “timeless”, but the city is still looking around for a new brand identity.

The Prague representative Martin Benda (Praha sobě) stated that “the current logo brings with it certain disadvantages and complications. For example, the relationship between the logo and the emblem is not clear.

”The new visual identity would also count on logos for individual districts of Prague, which the current one does not allow” he added.

Visual: KONTRA Studio
Visual: KONTRA Studio
Visual: KONTRA Studio
Visual: KONTRA Studio



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