Students Threw a Dorm Party Despite Gatherings Ban

Students threw a dorm party at the Větrník dormitory on the night of Monday to Tuesday, which was attended by about 30 to 40 students despite a ban on gathering due to the spread of coronavirus.

Despite the Czech government’s request to limit social gatherings of over 10 people, not all young people have taken advice about “social distancing” seriously.

The students are mainly foreigners attending the Erasmus program. Similar events were also held at the dormitories of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (CULS).

Because of the party, the virus appeared to be spreading among the residents.

“Unfortunately, there was a big Erasmus party at Block III at Na Větrníku dormitory. The students did not listen to the calls of the municipal police,” said the spokesman of Charles University Vaclav Hajek.

Charles University has already informed the schools where the students’ come from, mainly from Italy and Spain.

Minimizing crowds of people is an important step in preventing the spread of coronavirus, as even low-risk groups like young, healthy people can become infected with it without showing any symptoms.

As of Friday morning, there were 765 registered cases of Covid-19 in the Czech Republic. A number of people are in a serious condition but as yet no deaths have been reported.

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