Students at Masaryk University in Brno Want “Gender-Neutral” Toilet

Students from Masaryk University in Brno are asking for “gender-neutral” toilets. They published a petition “Gender-neutral toilets at Masaryk University”, which was signed by 340 people by Tuesday.

The representatives and people behind the petition do not want to replace the binary toilets, but want to add or change some existing toilets to neutral. “Students who identify as non-binary are in the worst situation,” the petition reads.

“Students often find themselves unable to find restrooms designated for their gender, which can result in uncomfortable situations and have a negative impact on their health,” the petition reads, adding that students who identify as non-binary are in the worst situation.

“Meeting physiological needs is more than important for effective work on campus, which is why proximity and appropriate labeling of restrooms is also very important to us,” the student petition points out.

“One of the bad examples we want to change is the illogical location of the men’s toilets in the Art Department (opposite classroom 13), most of whose students are women,” the petition concludes.

Gender-neutral toilets are becoming increasingly ‘popular’ across Europe. Zurich, Switzerland, for example, plans to introduce up to one third of gender-neutral toilets in new school buildings.

All students can use them, regardless of gender. At the same time, urinals will be abolished and Lucerne will introduce similar progressivist measures.

Some primary schools around the Bavarian capital Munich are also making similar efforts. In Germany, they are considering having toilets for a third gender in addition to toilets for boys and girls in the future.

This applies specifically to new school buildings in the municipalities of Pullach, Taufkirchen and Garching, DPA reported.

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