Students and Seniors to Get Further Discount on Public Transport

The Prague Public Transit Co. (DPP) will begin selling travel passes at a further discount to students under the age of 26 and seniors from 60 to 65 years of age. This discount will apply from October 1st. Students and Seniors will now only pay CZK 1280 for the annual pass. This will cost the city council about 208 million annually.

Before this change, students under the age of 26 would pay CZK 2400 for a 10-month pass and senior citizens would pay CZK 1100 for a five-month pass. 

Replacing old tickets with new ones

Students and seniors who bought a five-month pass in September can return their pass to the central dispatching office on Na Bojišti street in Prague 2 and will be reimbursed. They can then buy the newly discounted passes instead. “However, the handling fee will not be reimbursed” DPP state on their website.

Students and seniors can buy three types of ticket; a monthly pass for CZK 130, a quarterly pass for CZK 360, or an annual pass for the already mentioned CZK 1280. 

Students will now be able to use their passes during the holidays too. Before this, students could not buy an annual pass, but a maximum of ten months only. 

Following this change, the five-month and ten-month passes will no longer be used. 

Before seniors from the age of 60 to 65 could only buy a monthly pass for CZK 250, a quarterly pass for CZK 660, or a five-month pass for CZK 1100, and they did not have the option to buy a ten-month pass. From October, seniors will be entitled to all kinds of passes, including an annual pass for CZK 1280. 

Passes can be bought no sooner than 60 days before the date they become valid.

Passengers over 65 years of age will continue to travel free of charge on all public transportation in Prague.

Author: Holly Webb

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