Street Artist Unveils New Mural in Nusle in Support of Ukraine

ChemiS, a Czech street artist with Kazakh roots, has created a new mural in Prague 4 featuring a girl taking shelter under a Ukrainian flag.

The touching graffiti can be found on Mojmírova Street in the district of Nusle.

It depicts a Ukrainian girl who protects her favorite characters: the German bee Maya, the Czech Mole, the Polish Lölek and Bolek, the Finnish Moomintroll, the French Obelix, the American Mickey Mouse, the British Gromit. As conceived by the author, this plot symbolizes current events – Ukraine protects the rest of Europe.

Its author is one of the best Czech street art artists, Dmitry Proshkin. He’s better known under the pseudonym ChemiS.

“Ukraine is now fighting not only for its own but also for our freedom. As a father of two children, I cannot imagine the helplessness, pain, and fear that ordinary people experience. All of us saw photos of breathless bodies and destroyed cities and also sports halls of schools, full of women with children, grandparents. Please do not stop helping and showing the values of our society”, said the 36-year-old artist.


One of his most famous works is a portrait of Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, the first president of Czechoslovakia, who cries over the Czech Republic and wipes his tears with the national flag:

You have also probably seen ChemiS graffiti with a Christmas theme at the Karlovo namesti metro station:

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