Stop the Music: Summer Festivals in the Czech Republic Officially Canceled

Many European governments have banned large events until the end of August, putting an end to the continent’s festival summer.

The Czech government is following the same direction, as confirmed today by the Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek (ČSSD). “Summer festivals, which are usually attended by thousands of participants, will not take place.”

On Tuesday, the popular Karlovy Vary International Film Festival canceled this year’s edition due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 55th edition was due to be held July 3 – 11. The festival said the cancellation was necessary “in view of the Czech government’s ongoing coronavirus measures and the complicated worldwide situation.”

Meanwhile, the government decided to allow the operation of theaters, cinemas, concert halls, circuses and similar establishments for up to 100 people.

According to the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (ANO), this limit applies to weddings, as well.

Around Europe

Live Nation announced the cancellation of Germany’s Rock im Park and Rock am Ring anniversaries.

Goodlive’s German festivals Melt and Splash are also affected, while no announcements have been made yet regarding the premiere of Superbloom, which is still scheduled for Sept. 5-6.

In Belgium, Rock Werchter has announced the cancellation of its 2020 edition, which was bound to send shock waves through Europe.

Other major events on the continent have cancelled, including Slovakia’s Pohoda festival and Portugal’s biennial Boom Festival.

Spain’s Primavera Sound has postponed the event from June 3-7 to Aug. 26-30, however, it remains to be seen whether the Spanish authorities decide to introduce extended bans on public life.

It hasn’t yet made any announcements regarding its Eastern European events, including Balaton Sound, Volt and Exit.

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