Still Working at the Age of 90 – McDonald’s Oldest Employee 

Childrens’ birthday parties have been held in McDonald’s for years and have become quite iconic and typical of the fast-food chain. However, McDonald’s Eden restaurant in Prague hosted a rather unusual birthday party this week. The birthday they were celebrating was that of the oldest employee of their restaurant and of all the restaurants in the country, 90-year-old Jindřich Kochrda. 

For Kochrda, this year’s celebrations were doubled. Besides the very special birthday, he was also celebrating ten years working under the golden arches. Like many others, he is employed part-time at the Eden restaurant.

Jindřich has worked his entire life. “I’ve always worked, and I’m used to it. It’s different today though, even here at McDonald’s. I’m a bit concerned about the employee turnover. There are very few elderly workers like me, and it’s a shame.” Commented Jindřich Kochrda, who was born in 1928. 

After a lifetime of work, Kochrda wants to devote more time to his wife, home and garden, and will, therefore, go into full retirement on December 31st of this year. 

Author: Holly Webb

Photo: McDonald’s

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