Step Into Asia at Sia Restaurant

In just one year, Sia has become the most popular Asian fusion restaurant in the capital. Located in Prague’s Nové Město, stepping into this restaurant is like stepping out of Europe and directly into a modern Asian night market. This Saturday will be the first anniversary of the restaurant’s opening. But what is the key to Sia restaurant’s success? What makes the restaurant so unique? 

Authentic Recipes from all over Asia 

The pan-Asian menu is based on traditional recipes and procedures discovered all over the continent, as well as drawing on the experiences and ideas of head chef Jiří Štift and his international team. Under his management, the menu has been prepared in cooperation with chefs from Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China, and the Czech Republic.

In October, the Sia restaurant team set off on a trip to Asia where they sought inspiration for more dishes in the streets of Hong Kong and Taipei. The most interesting and remarkable of them will be prepared during the spring festival, “the Fate of Strange Meals”, of which the exact menu is being kept a secret for now. 

Taking inspiration from all over the Asian continent, Sia’s dishes are truly authentic. With special lunchtime deals that are affordable and fast, it is more than possible to step out of the office and experience the real Asia in your hour-long lunch break. 

Exciting New Dishes 

Perhaps you’ve heard of Sia’s Peking duck? There is no better place in the city of Prague to enjoy the mouth-watering Chinese delicacy. But Sia has a lot more to offer on their extensive menu, including the exciting new recipes the team have taken back with them from their travels. 

For example, starting January 2019, Sia will be serving up deliciously roasted goose on Mondays only. Make sure you come with a group of at least four friends though, because these geese are huge! This recipe has been discovered and brought back from Hong Kong by head chef Jiří Štift.

As mentioned before, “the Fate of Strange meals” will be something to look forward to during the Spring festival. The exact menu is a secret, but expect really unusual (but delicious) delicacies inspired by the quirky street food found at the night markets of Hong Kong and Taipei. 

Another special event to look forward to at the restaurant is the Lunar New Year. Together with Vietnamese chef Kevin, Jiří Štift is preparing a special menu for a minimum of two people at the beginning of February 2019. The authentic Asian menu will be tailored to European tastes but will preserve a lot of the traditions of the Buddhist New Year celebrations.

The impressive Interior and Winter Garden 

How about the restaurant itself? Perhaps you’ve walked past the impressive glass façade and seen the goldfish at the entrance. Take a look inside, and it’s even more impressive. Designed by the renowned Czech architect, Václav Červenka, the interior is inspired by the ambiance of a traditional Asian night market. The restaurant is unique in that it has three open kitchens on three separate floors. Dishes are prepared in the open-plan kitchens right in front of the guests. 

The restaurant that gives back 

This year, the Sia Restaurant have also begun to support the Indonesian Green-books organization, who focus on educating children about the environment and the devastating impact of human behaviour on nature. Sia restaurant felt that Indonesian gastronomy had given them so much inspiration that they wanted to give something back to the country.

Author: Holly Webb

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