Spring Paused: Snow and Winter to Make a Return

This past week we were already enjoying the spring weather coming slowly, but winter weather is due to return to the Czech Republic.

The fall of temperatures will be caused by a weak cold front, which will pass over the Czech Republic overnight and bring with it not only cooler temperatures but also more cloudy skies. In some places, it can even snow again.

The cold is gradually making its way back to the Czech Republic, with typical February weather. Even today, cloudiness is beginning to come from the west, which will not be precipitated for the time being. 

There will be a lot of clouds around mid-morning, the temperatures will be around 0, afternoon around 7 degrees above zero. On Thursday, the entire area will be overcast, meteorologists expect rain that will fall thousands of meters above the sea level to pass and even mixed with snowfall. Afternoon temperatures will be about seven degrees above zero.

On Friday, it will begin to clear again, during Saturday and Sunday, the highest afternoon temperatures should climb to a pleasant 11 degrees, on Monday even reaching 12.

Author: Lilato Madiri

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