Prague and Brno Launch Special Classes for Ukrainian Children Fleeing the War

Special Classes for Ukrainian Children

On Monday, special classes for Ukrainian children fleeing the war are starting to be set up across the Czech Republic.

The Ukrainian one-classrooms (Ukrajinské jednotřídky) project enables pupils to learn in their native language and according to the textbooks used in Ukraine.

“The war situation in Ukraine affects families and children the most. The schools have been forced to discontinue their lessons, and it’s important that pupils can continue their education. At the same time, the transport of textbooks from Ukraine, which will be distributed to these schools, will also be ensured,” said Education Minister Petr Gazdík.

Parents can register their children on the website to take part in the courses, while native Ukrainian teachers living in the Czech Republic can also sign up on the website to teach.

Only children with basic knowledge of the Czech language will be allowed to be enrolled in regular schools.

For all the others, local authorities are launching small classes for the thousands of Ukrainian child refugees that will be taught in their native language.

“We will communicate with regional authorities throughout the Czech Republic. We also envisage psychological help for children in schools. The plan also includes the collection of children in smaller towns,” added Tomáš Zima, Emeritus Rector of Charles University, who cooperates on the project together with the Children of Ukraine endowment fund.

“Personally, I also want to regularly travel to Ukraine and negotiate with schools to continue the curriculum so that children – once the war is over – can continue seamlessly in their native country,” added Veronika Pavlova.


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