“Some Like It Czech” Project to Screen One Movie Per Month with English Subs

Some Like it Czech movies

Can you still not understand the Czech obsession with mushroom picking? Are you still quite confused about the complicated Czech-Russian past?

Some Like it Czech will change that and serve you Czech culture a bit unconventionally – on a silver tray of a movie screen.

Every month, we will conscientiously pick a flick that is in a certain way typical for Czech culture and adored by local audiences.

Movies will be complemented with a quick stand-up show by a witty comedian to help you understand the context of the screened movie and to learn more about Czech culture and its history. A genuine experience guaranteed.

Hell, you might even understand your Czech mate’s weird manners. Or not! Some like it Czech was founded by two enthusiastic students who love Czech movies and want to introduce it to an English-speaking audience a bit differently.

“During my exchange stay in Barcelona, I realized how much I was missing my regular visits to the cinema. At the same time, I was taking a course called Spanish society through cinema and I learned a lot about Spain in a fun way. And I just thought to myself, why don’t I combine it? That was the first impulse,” says one of the creators of the project, Anna Šenfeldová.

The project tries to mediate Czech culture not only to tourists or students on an exchange stay, but mainly to expatriates living in Prague. The first screening will take place on the 12th of October 2021 at Aero cinema, which has a long history dating back to the 1930s.

“Aero has become a legend thanks to its distinctive programming, and we want to continue with this tradition. I am very delighted that we have something special for our regular non-Czech speaking audience”, adds the cinema manager Jiri Fligl.

As the first film, the organizers chose the touching drama Kolya, which was a Czech triumph at the Academy Awards. Besides the movie, the spectators will have the opportunity to get to know the fundamental facts about the Czech-Russian dynamics during the socialistic era and debate on these unsettling times at the Aero bar while drinking a heavenly good beer.

In order to make the experience as smooth as possible, there will always be a short introduction by a stand-up comedian. The first chosen comedian is Carmine Rodi, an Italian expat living in Prague.

“We wanted this interpretation to be led by someone who is not from the Czech Republic. Someone who will be able to bring our culture closer to foreigners with a detached and ironical view. That is why we have chosen Carmine, who has lived here for a long time and can describe our nature in a very funny and fitting way.”

After the screening, there will also be a networking session at the cinema bar. “We would love to bring together the Czech and expat community and help burst their own separated bubbles. We hope both of the groups will end up leaving the cinema with a different perspective than the one they came with,” adds Šenfeldová.


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