“Some Like It Czech” Kicks Off the Second Season

For a year now, a unique project Some Like It Czech from Prague’s Aero cinema has been showing to expats and Erasmus students Czech culture through Czech movies. 

Thanks to the wonderful turnout that happened with each screening, the organizers decided to continue in their educational but entertaining mission.

The screening series Some Like It Czech was founded by two students Anna Šenfeldová and Šárka Bekrová, with the aim of introducing Czech culture and history to foreigners living in the vicinity of Prague.

“After our first year of screenings, we have found that conveying Czech culture through film is something that both we and audience members have enjoyed, as evidenced by the wonderful turnout that happens with each screening.”

In the upcoming season, audience can look forward to popular hits like the Christmas classic “Cozy Dens,” and cult films by Oscar-winning directors Miloš Forman and Jan Svěrák.

Before each screening, there is always a short introduction, which explains the various realities of the movie in an entertaining way without spoiling it.

“It took us a while to find the right form of introduction, but I think we finally honed it to perfection,” says co-founder Anna. After all, the authors of the project like to delve into details that might otherwise be missed by the viewer or might remain misunderstood due to cultural and language barriers. Additional highlights and points of interest will also be made available on Instagram before each screening.

Additional treats await audience members in the form of signature drinks offered up before each movie. Each screening is then followed by a networking session where audience members can mingle in Aero Cinema’s cozy bar to make new friends or spend time chatting with the founders of the project.

September 21st at Aero Cinema marks the opening of the second season of “Some Like It Czech” with the film “Loners” (tickets here), the story of seven young people looking for love on the threshold of the new millennium.

Amidst the haze of weed and the free spirit of the late nineties in the Czech Republic, we’re sure that “Loners” will be the perfect choice for your next rendezvous with our amazing world of Czech cinema.

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