Sofa Traveling: 6 Tips How To Travel Without Leaving Your Sofa

If you love to travel like me, you probably are facing the same problems at the moment. Canceling or postponing all 2020 trips, collecting credits from flying companies and feeling anxious not to be able to discover all the places on your wanderlust.

We all had to put traveling on hold for some time. However, who says that you cannot travel without moving your butt? We can all at least pretend like we’re traveling because don’t forget traveling is also a state of mind! Read my tips on how to travel from home!


1. Travel with Pinterest

I am addicted to aesthetics and pinning everything onto boards on Pinterest. It is my daily inspiration for anything I do and traveling is no exception. You can find great tips where -how- when to travel but mainly to discover new amazing travel spots. It is a great way how to plan your trips by simply pinning pictures with links with guides, local food spots, accommodation, etc. For me scrolling through all those beautiful travel pictures is almost like meditating and gives me a great feeling of joy.


2. Travel with Magazines

Order a bunch of your favorite travel magazines. I know magazines tend to be full of sponsored content and commercial stuff, but you can still get lost in beautiful pictures, get all the latest travel news, reports and guides.  Honestly, I love travel magazines because I always discover new people to follow through interviews or travel stories. or get amazing tips for the places I plan to visit or visiting regularly. 

 Travel Magazines I read

  • Yolo Journal
  • Conde Nast Traveller
  • Budget Travel
  • National Geographic
  • Islands
  • Sidetracked
  • Cereal


 3. Travel With Videos & Podcasts

Online platforms are full of documentaries, shows, and vlogs from traveling. Growing up without social media, I used to watch travel documentaries which gave me good knowledge about places I dreamt to visit. But it’s not just about inspiration but also learning about different cultures, politics, and habits around the world. Netflix offers a bunch of great travel documentaries and series, DocumentaryTube has amazing travel videos for free, YouTube has thousands of cool travel vlogs…  

You can also tune on travel podcasts and entertain yourself while getting a wealth of knowledge for your next trip. 

Podcasts I listen                                        

  • Zero To Travel
  • Escape
  • The Big Travel
  • Women Who Travel

 Travel Documentaries I watch

  • Dark Tourist
  • Pedal The World
  • World’s busiest cities
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Ugly Delicious
  • A Map of Saturday
  • Chef’s Table


4. Travel With Your Stomach 

 For me, travel and food go hand in hand and I cannot imagine traveling without tasting the local country cuisine.  I think nothing transports you at a certain moment as the taste and smell of your favorite meal.  At the end of each trip, I tend to buy some cookbooks and place it into my home library to transport myself anytime in any culture. Many chefs do also live cooking from their kitchen on Instagram which may inspire you to learn something new. 

My Cooking Inspiration Online

The Travel Kitchen by Lonely Planet

Kitchen Quarantine: Massimo Bottura 

London’s Borough Market: Online Cooking Classes

Nona Live: Virtual Cooking Class with Italian Granny

If you don’t enjoy cooking order a takeaway from your favorite restaurant and support local business. Open your favorite bottle of wine or mix yourself a drink that takes you to your special place. To me personally, nothing transports me to my travel memories as Italian Aperitivo, Saturday brunch inspired by my favorite London bistro and plate of pasta on Sunday lunch.


 5. Travel With Google 

Did you always wanted to visit a world’s best museums but never had time or money to travel far away? Good news for you. Now you can visit one of the top museums around the world through google. 

British Museum in London, Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Uffizi Gallery in Florence, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul and many more. Prepare yourself a drink and get a little cultural education. 

 Not interested in art? No worries. Google offers also virtual street views or exploring famous historic and cultural heritage sites.

If you are a great outdoor lover you can virtually explore national parks and attractions like Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Alcatraz Island, etc. 

Prepare yourself a drink and start some culture and nature education with Google Earth and Google Arts & Culture. It’s for free and you don’t have to wait in line.


 6. Travel With Movies

It was never a better time than now to catch up on movies on your must seen list or re-watch your classics. How many times you were inspired to travel somewhere by just see a place in the movie?  Good movies have the power to transport us to certain moments, makes us feel adventurous, emotional and want us to buy a plane ticket and escape immediately. There are a bunch of great travel movies that warm your adventurous heart, show you new beautiful places, inspire you for your next trip and make you feel nostalgic.

Travel Movies I Watch

  • Roman Holiday
  • Into The Wild
  • Call Me By Your Name
  • Before Sunrise
  • The English Patient
  • Amélie
  • Under The Tuscan Sun
  • Roma
  • Out Of Africa
  • Eat Pray Love
  • A Good Year
  • Copenhagen
  • The Talented Mr. Ripley
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