Snow, Frost, and Ice Warnings Expected in the Czech Republic

Winter is arriving across the Czech Republic as night temperatures are expected to plummet to -7C at night in parts of the country and sleet, frost and snow are forecast for some areas. 

During the upcoming weekend, the thermometers will vary from +1 to -3°C depending on the region, report the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

According to the forecast, on Sunday, December 11, there will be snowfall all over the country with up to 20 centimeters in the eastern regions.

Showers are forecast for northern and eastern parts of the country, with snow beginning to accumulate on hills in the north.

The next week will be marked by the arrival of severe frosts.

On Monday, December 12, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute forecasts snowfall again across the whole country. Night temperatures will range from -3 to -7°C, while during the day the temperature will not exceed the freezing point.

Over the next few days (until December 18), night temperatures will gradually fall to -15°C, while during the day temperatures will range from 0 to -5°C.

“In the case of wet snow, there may be damages to trees and power lines and power outages. While traveling, it is recommended to follow traffic information and drive very carefully,” said meteorologists.

They also recommended not to forget the winter equipment and snow chains when traveling to the mountains.

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