Smart Solution in Waste Collection to Be Extended to 6,000 Prague Containers

prague Waste Collection

Prague City approved a new agreement with the Operátor ICT on ensuring the administration and development of a sensor network for monitoring the occupancy level of sorted waste containers.

The municipal company Operátor ICT will provide sensor network management for Prague, process and visualize the collected data and provide its basic service support.

This is another step towards building and operating a comprehensive tool for monitoring and optimizing the collection of sorted waste, which will be tailor-made for the capital.

The approved framework agreement follows the implemented pilot project Smart Collection of Waste, thanks to which more than 420 sensors were installed in Prague, mainly in underground containers for sorted waste.

Up-to-date data with information on the actual occupancy of individual containers was then available to the city districts involved in the project, as well as to all Prague citizens via the My Prague application.

“From a financial point of view, it is therefore an investment, the purpose of which is to reduce the city’s operating costs. Annual savings, after deducting operating and investment costs, are immediately invested in the development of the existing collection network,” says the mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib about the approved framework agreement.

“We will also help the environment with lower emissions from collection vehicles, so with this project the capital also wants to contribute to meeting our climate goals. In these, we have set ourselves to reduce CO2 emissions by 45 percent by 2030 and become a completely carbon-neutral city by 2050,” Petr Hlubuček, the Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Prague for the Department of Environment describes.

The Smart Collection of Waste project has also received several professional awards, for example in the third year of the Smart Cities for the Future national competition, where it placed first in the Smart City 2019 category with over 200,000 inhabitants.

Smart collection of waste attracted the attention of the expert jury mainly thanks to the use of the most modern technologies in the field of urban waste management.

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