Slovenia Opens Borders to Citizens of 14 States

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Slovenia has opened its borders to citizens of 14 states, including the Czech Republic, who can now travel to and from Slovenia without any coronavirus restrictions, the government said on its website on Monday.

The other countries are Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Slovakia and Liechtenstein.

The government also introduced an obligatory 14-day quarantine for everyone coming to Slovenia from North Macedonia, excluding diplomats, transport workers, and those passing through Slovenia without an overnight stay.

The move follows a surge in coronavirus cases in North Macedonia over recent days.

Slovenia, which in May became the first European state to declare an end to its coronavirus epidemic, has over the past few weeks opened its borders to citizens of neighbouring countries Croatia, Hungary, and Austria.

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Slovenia has so far reported 1,485 coronavirus cases and 109 deaths. It introduced a general lockdown in the middle of March and has been gradually lifting it since April 20.


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