Slovakia Sets Virus Restrictions Amid Case Surge

Slovakia is imposing new restrictive measures in hopes of curbing a surge in coronavirus infections.

Starting Thursday, it will again be mandatory to wear face masks outside in all cities, towns and villages and there will be a ban on public events, including religious services in churches.

Exceptions include weddings, funerals and baptisms with a limited number of participants.

Major professional sports competitions are allowed to continue without fans.

Fitness and wellness centers and public swimming pools will be closed. Restaurants are banned from serving meals indoors, and the number of people in stores and shopping centers is limited.

Starting Monday, all high schools across Slovakia will provide only remote teaching.

This past week, Slovakia reported new highs for confirmed coronavirus cases for four straight days, with a record 1,887 Friday. The country has had a total of 19,851 cases, with 61 deaths.

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