Slovak Islamist Was Planning a “Lone Wolf” Attack in Prague

The first Slovak Islamist radical arrested last year in the Czech Republic was planning a bomb attack, Czech police chief Tomáš Tuhý told the Czech Television on September 23.

The radicalized Slovak who frequented mosques in Prague can be considered a “lone wolf”, Tuhý added.

The Muslim community in the Czech Republic did not alert the authorities to the radicalization of the Slovak man. According to the head of police, it seems that Dominik K. was not part of an organized group.

The suspect, a Slovak convert to Islam who has visited Czech mosques, was arrested in November following a search of his residence that yielded instructions for making bombs and launching chemical attacks. 

He responded by saying that he only wanted to use the chemicals to produce some home-made fireworks to celebrate the New Year. He has rejected the claims that he planned an attack.

“This country will be ours! And it cannot be for everyone!” The threats shared by the man on a social network site were at first sight disturbing. Especially from a young man who had converted to Islam, walked around dressed like a soldier and greeted with a raised right index finger, the symbol of allegiance to the fighters of the Islamic State.

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