Škoda Donates 100 Škoda Octavia for the Fight Against Coronavirus

Škoda Auto is increasing its support measures to fight the coronavirus and will be donating 100 Škoda Octavia – worth around 85 million CZK – to social and medical aid agencies in the Czech Republic.

Organisations helping particularly vulnerable or high-risk people, such as hospitals, social services, nursing homes, and NGOs, are eligible to apply for one of the vehicles.

The donation of cars to chosen organisations will take place from half of May.

Applications are open from 17 to 30 April 2020: organisations can submit documents via the NROS foundation website

Škoda Auto CEO, Bernhard Maier, explained, „During the corona pandemic, Škoda is focusing on providing fast, simple and effective aid. Therefore, we are supporting all those who are now particularly dependent on mobility, and are going to donate 100 OCTAVIAs worth around 85 million CZK to organisations in the social or health sector. Our responsibility as a company extends far beyond the factory gates. In the current crisis, this holds true more than ever.”

In addition, the car manufacturer’s Technical Development department has been producing 3D-printed parts for certified FFP3 respirators, and numerous departments have been manufacturing protective visors.

More than 750 respirators have been manufactured since the university developed the prototype.

Furthermore, ŠKODA Logistics is supporting the company Prusa Research in distributing protective visors, which have also been 3D-printed, to doctors’ surgeries and hospitals.

By Easter, this collaboration had already led to the distribution of 14,600 units.


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