Skautský Institut – Your Cultural Centre in Old Town Square

Skautský Institut prague

You would never believe that a place like this could be hidden right in the middle of the city centre.

Skautský Institut is situated in the very centre next to the clock on Old Town Square and if you didn’t know that it’s there, you would probably never find it by accident.

If you happen to be somewhere close and you want to run away from the big crowds and unaffordable prices, it is the right place for you to go.

Skautský Institut is a coffee place, snack bar, reading room, and a lovely place for hanging out with your friends, but it hides away bigger ideas behind it than just this.

People behind the bar are scouts, of course. They are chilled out and friendly, like the atmosphere in the café.

It got its name from organizing many scout-oriented workshops, discussions, exhibitions, and other activities for adults and children about diverse topics, but they are also focusing on the history and position of scouts and the impact of totalitarian regimes on the community.

If you feel like organizing your own public or private workshop about anything you have in mind but don’t have the right place for it, you’ve found the right address.

They also provide halls and a small theatre to rent with a special bonus – a view over the Old Town Square. So check out their list of events including debates, film club or yoga classes and I am sure you will find the right time to visit this unique centre with great ideas.

Scouting in the Czech history

With the establishment of scouting in 1907, Czechoslovakia followed the idea in 1911. Since then, the organization has been forced to disband three times – by the Nazi regime in 1940, by Communists in 1948, and again in 1970 after the Prague Spring.

Despite all these experiences, the Scout movement always re-emerged. Today, after more than 100-year existence, the membership is growing and reached over 60 000 members in 2018.

Skautský Institut prague

Skautský Institut prague
Photo: Czech by Jane
Photo: Czech by Jane
Photo: Czech by Jane



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