SILQ Restaurant: Travel the Silk Road in Prague!

Travel along the Silk Road at SILQ restaurant; where cultures and experiences come together through the authentic flavors of Asian cuisine.

Hidden in the corner of the PPF Gate building on Evropská 17, you can find your ticket to travel along the legendary Silk Road with SILQ restaurant’s diverse and authentic Asian cuisine.

With their unique concept, it is safe to say the experience SILQ restaurant provides is one of a kind in Prague. A perfect place for an adventurous lunch, open on weekdays from 11:00 until 15:00.

Silk Road is an ancient route between China and the West, used for trade of products as well as knowledge. The route crosses through several countries making a connection between different cultures, which was the inspiration behind SILQ restaurant.

SILQ restaurant aims to bring cultures together through a variety of meals, each representing a different country along the Silk Road. The meals are not always the most famous ones, but rather a collection of recipes gathered from local citizens and often passed down for generations.

Authentic cooking plays a big role at SILQ restaurant, as Lukáš Kubín from PPF Gastro explains, “Cuisines, especially Asian cuisines, have specific techniques to make recipes work; if you don’t follow it, the recipe sometimes doesn’t work.”

Besides bringing together cultures SILQ restaurant holds great value over service; the service brings the experience together. Inspired by many Asian cultures, service should be about making a connection with the client rather than how fast the food is served.

This factor might be one of the hardest skills to master, but one of great importance.

The passion for experiencing new cultures is reflected from Lukáš, who is the driving force behind SILQ restaurant; “I have always loved traveling, and I am fascinated by Asian cultures.”

During his travels, he has met many people and has had the pleasure to taste great varieties of food. His personal favorite serve at the restaurant is a Turkish dessert with the name ‘Katmer’, a crispy filo pastry with pistachio filling.

“I have colleagues stopping me in the hallways to tell me they are addicted to it now too.” There is much more to taste, and the menu is adjusted every now and then to bring refreshing experiences to their clients.

With only a short 6-minute metro ride from Mustek, traveling the Silk Road has never been easier. A definite must-try restaurant for lovers of culture and food!


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