Signal Festival Celebrates “Earth Day” With Light Installation in Holešovice

© Tomáš Slavík

Signal Festival is celebrating Earth Day in style with a light installation in Holešovice.

The 8th year of the Festival was canceled due to the pandemic and yet, the Signal Festival’s director Martin Posta has commented that also 2021 edition is not 100% guaranteed.

“No one dares to assume what the situation will be like in autumn”, he stated. “That’s why we’ve prepared these smaller events for this year. We can’t wait to meet the festival-goers. The Czech cultural scene has had a hard time because of the pandemic, and people still miss art. We do have a lot of plans,” Posta said.

“We have updated the work, which was originally created for the Italian Triennale Milano, with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague so that it can be exhibited in a public space on the occasion of Earth Day. With the installation, we follow up on a series of burning environmental topics, which we have already prepared for 2020, and we intend to continue with them,” he added.

There is still a chance, that by October of this year, the festival will occur in the streets of Prague. This is obviously highly dependent on the current situation.

For now, visitors of the exhibition will find an installation called ‘The Room of Change’ by the Italian studio Accurat. It shows and maps the changes in the overall environment on our planet. 

They call it ‘data tapestry’, recording changes over the past 20 years. Onlookers will be able to see unique images from NASA’s archives.

The installation will be accessible every day from 12:00 to 24:00, from 22 April to 28 April.

Free admission.

signal festival earth day
© Tomáš Slavík
signal festival earth day
© Tomáš Slavík


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