Signal Festival 2022: Here’s the Full Program Day by Day

Starting Monday, a packed off program awaits you in several of our partner locations! Don’t miss the discussions, guided tours and a modern performance. This year’s program offers a truly varied selection from which there is something for everyone. 


On Monday, 10.10. at 19:00, Kunsthalle Prague will host a discussion on NFT and digital art. Together we’ll discover the points of contact and, conversely, the biggest differences between NFT and classical art production.

Together with the moderator and invited guests (Michal Kučerák, Filip Hodas, Tomáš Hříbek, Jan Netušil) we will focus on the connection between NFT and the world of cryptocurrencies, theoretical issues related to the concept of originality or materiality of the work, as well as how the sale of digital works actually works. Admission is free, reserve your seat at GoOut


Tuesday evening will belong to Czech artists at the Center for Architecture and Urban Planning. From 19:00, those who have lit up Prague in previous editions will discuss the 10 years of the festival through the eyes of Czech artists in a panel.

How did they cope with creating installations for the Signal Festival and how do they remember it? And how do they perceive the current situation in the field of contemporary art and the Czech scene of which they are a part? Admission is free, reserve your seat on GoOut

Michal Cimala a Michal Škapa (CZ) → DUO NEONE 2



Wednesday is recommended to spend at the Bethlehem Chapel Gallery for the vibrant exhibition DUO NEONE 2 by Michal Cimala and Michal Škapa. The artists have been presenting brand new works and site-specific installations on the gallery grounds and in the surrounding area since mid-September.


Thursday is the opening day of the festival. Discover the installations on the Centrum, Vinohrady and Vršovice routes, and in your free time, stop by the Prague Planetarium from Thursday to Sunday, always from 19:00 and 20:30. David Vrbík and the collective will celebrate 10 light years there in a co-production with Divadlo Archa  and PrusaLab in the multi-genre audiovisual project VEKTROSKOP.

The experimental performance of artists and musicians will connect the world of digital and analogue media. The performance follows the theme of the speed of light and its trajectory, which are elusive and abstract quantities for human perception. Capacity is limited, book tickets through GoOut


On Friday at 18:00, the curator will guide you through the digital exhibition Invisible forces at Kunsthalle Prague. Don’t forget to book your tickets on GoOut.

She will guide you through the fascination with natural processes, phenomena and structures of Ondřej Zunka and other young Czech artists. They provide their own perspectives on the diversity of life on the planet that we encounter every day, but in an aesthetic and functioning that is not subject to the laws of our world.

David Vrbík a kolektiv (CZ) → VEKTROSKOP: 10 světelných let


On Saturday evening, we recommend going out to see the installations you haven’t had time to discover in the previous days. You can also stop by the planetarium for the aforementioned VEKTROSKOP performance at 19:00 and 20:30, or the Bethlehem Chapel Gallery for the DUO NEONE 2 exhibition.


The final day of the festival will open at 11:00 with a workshop with Karim Tarakji 3D scan:NOW at Kunsthalle Prague. As smart devices evolve, so do the tools we can use to contribute not only to the development of the virtual world, but also to the archiving of the tangible one.

During the workshop we will learn about the basic issues and types of creating digital objects, try photogrammetry in practice and show the possibilities of their use.

At 18:00 on Mariánské náměstí we will be transported to a country that has ceased to be home and to people who have ceased to be home in a poetic dialogue Escape from the country – the escape of home. The literary evening dedicated to Ukraine will be enhanced by the performance of Zita Honzlová, a performer of Jewish and Yiddish songs from Eastern Europe.

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