Signal Festival to Take Place From 15 to 18 October

The eighth edition of the Signal Festival will take place from 15 to 18 October. Festival director Martin Pošta is cooperating with epidemiologist Rastislav Maďaralready to ensure safety measures for all visitors.

“We already know that the crisis has hit us economically. We have therefore developed several scenarios for how the festival could take place in October, and it is clear that several changes await us. We will work mainly with Czech artists, and discover new locations outside the center,” says festival director Martin Pošta.

“We are deciding how to introduce effective preventive measures in order to respect the safety requirements,” specifies Maďar.

This year’s theme festival is “Plan B”, and installations will focus on environmental issues and the future of human coexistence with the planet.

The festival will take place from 15 to 18 October and its program will include video mapping, lighting and interactive installations.

About Signal Festival

The Signal Festival is a festival of light, video mapping and light installations, and belongs to one of the greatest cultural events in the Czech Republic.

Under the direction of Czech and international experts in light design in artistic spaces, Prague’s streets and public areas, its most popular historical monuments as well as lesser-known corners, all change over the course of four evenings to capture the different facades of today’s and yesterday’s Prague in non-traditional ways.

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