ShowPark Brothel Refuses to Leave the Building in Prague’s Holešovice

The dispute between the city and the popular brothel has been going on for several years. The hall could soon be occupied by the city police and the whole space can be rented to companies and startups.

Despite the decisions of the courts so far, it has not been possible to evict the ShowPark brothel from one of the halls in the Holešovice market.

The company’s operator, Eroc, has one more option to appeal in disputes over eviction. If the court decides again in favor of Prague, ShowPark will have to move out by the end of the year.

The city police and start-up companies would be based on the premises instead, said ČTK. In the dispute between the city and the operator about the evacuation of the building, the court first ruled less than two years ago, but the company appealed. However, the courts ultimately decided to vacate the building.

“We have a final judgment for eviction, we have already handed it over to the executor, who has started execution. However, ShowPark’s operator contested the execution of this court decision in court,” said Deputy Mayor Pavel Vyhnánek. However, the company can still appeal the judgment.

“It’s really just a matter of formalities, now the operator is only playing for time, and I assume that at the beginning of autumn we will have the last, highest instance confirmed,” said the deputy.

The ShowPark operator never had a lease agreement with the municipality, but rented the premises from Delta Center, which leased the entire market from the city. After losing the dispute with the municipality, it had to vacate the area with the obligation to pay the outstanding rent with accessories in the amount of 246 million crowns.

Eroc company executive Zbyněk Matela previously said that the club operated without problems for 20 years and contributed to the removal of prostitution from the streets.

According to him, roughly 600 “performing artists”, as the worker referred to him, would move to the center in the event of the club’s closure.

However, according to Vyhnánek, the city would not be able to create a contract with the company, even if it wanted to, considering the nature of its business.

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