Shopping Mall Máj to Become the Largest Pop-Up Store in Central Europe

In June, shopping mall Máj will open its premises, freshly adopting the concept of pop-up stores. The concept of short-time leases gives space to usual as well as innovative and experimental selling ideas and formats.

For new brands and startups, it represents an exceptional opportunity for a fast and intense market entrance. One of Prague´s busiest shopping centers offers its area of 9,500 sq meters for a limited period of 18 months. After this time, a total renovation of the building will begin.

Pop Up Máj builds on short-term leases that offer significant opportunities for innovations and experimenting. Instead of signing a long-standing lease, the retailers can use the premises according to their needs. Flexible leases allow to transform the premises into a test center, a showroom, or bring special offers of seasonal goods at any time. However, Pop Up Máj strives for more than the mere offering of retail premises. It also provides a great opportunity for cultural and social events.

Jan Voslář, Partner and Head of High Street Retail at Cushman & Wakefield: “Máj is an ideal place for pop-up stores. Strategically located in the heart of Prague, it offers the best conditions for an all-year influx from both domestic and foreign visitors. It gives retailers a unique opportunity to quickly introduce themselves to a wide range of customers. We hope that the new pop-up concept will bring interesting and ambitious projects that together, under one roof, will create a distinctive offering and atmosphere.”

Pop Up Máj has the ambition to become more than a shopping center. Especially the higher floors are ideal for large marketing and product launching events, showrooms, conferences, and cultural events. The multifunctionality of the building is completed with office spaces ideal for the creation of a coworking center.

Jan Kotrbáček, International Partner and Head of Retail at Cushman & Wakefield: “Pop Up Máj implements on a large scale an idea that has been in operation in the Czech retail market for a long time. Numerous shopping malls are gradually experimenting with pop-up units, in order to ascertain customer preferences. Thus, Pop Up Máj has the ambition to become one large incubator that will show retailers what customers think about their products.”

The pop-up store concept

Abroad, the pop-up store concept of short-time sales has been well-established since the beginning of the millennium. It gained popularity mainly in the United States, Great Britain, Netherlands or Dubai. Owing to its flexibility and continual pressure for innovation, it brings advantages to customers, shopping mall owners as well as retailers. Without risking high costs, it allows the retailers to introduce their products and services to the market in a place where people naturally stream through. 

Pop Up Máj

Máj, a unique shopping center built in 1975 and designed by architects John Eisler, Miroslav Masák and Martin Rajniš, is one of the most significant works of 1970s Czech architecture. The building, which was in its times one of the most impressive examples of neofunctionalism, was declared a cultural monument in 2006. Máj is located on one of the busiest traffic hubs at the entrance to the city center. The technical background of the building is also unique, enabling trucks to be moved to higher floors of the building by lifts.

Pop Up Máj is the property of Amádeus Real, a Czech developer. A complex modernization is planned and a concept of total reconstruction respecting the conservation value of the building is being prepared.

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